About Us

We are GLACIA LEATHER and we are here to give you leather Products that are crafted to perfection using only the highest quality leather from the finest tanneries. All that at an affordable price tag! And we’re doing this by cutting the middle man out and sharing the profits directly with the craftsmen.
And not only that we’re giving you a personalized experience and a perfect fit with ZERO extra costs.
We believe Leather attire has to be for a lifetime and for this we have lined up skilled craftsmen and offering best leather quality. We assure dedication and art  being the basic objectives and value our customers as you are the ones who make us complete. Its doesnt end up with selling the product to you, but its a timeless association which is there to create a bonding.

Presenting selective and exclusive products on the plate we affirm the standards and endure supreme leather Products. As we want customers to relate and satiate with our products. Style and trends change with time, but at the same time certain looks last for long for this we are very much focused to cater you with the best flavors of fashion and luxury as we follow latest trends and also put the limelight on vintage pieces. So do visit our shop and order the best leather attire that suits your look and appeals to your sight.